Securing of strategic locations with cameras with intelligent interconnection with fuel station data, GPS system of vehicles, attendance system and entrance gates.

  • intelligent structure of records through interconnection with other system elements

  • compete control of all events and property

  • high clarity and meaningful data

  • cennection of video records to specific identification tags, people, vehicles

  • on-line transfer of records over the Internet to the central repository

  • web and mobile application for on-line access to data

  • API interface for third-party applications

Monitoring and management of the car fleet

easy control of the car fleet

Fuel economy

fuel station is important and valuable source for company running, therefore it´s necessary to have everything under proper control

Personnel attendance

for all my empoyees, I want the same rules, whether they are travelling, on their workplace or anywhere during their working hours

Access to buildings

for quick check-in and record keeping of cars at entrance to compound

Custom solution

let´s keep up with the times and leave the door open

I´m interested in more information

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