Unique system

for monitoring, controlling

and management of the car fleet

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Freight transport

Waste management


Consistent data from mechanization operations, fuel economy, personnel movement and other related areas, all in one application, anytime available for your decision making

We have created and continuously expand our  unique system of remote data collection and processing from multiple points of interest with central integration at the level of

one system,

one database, one user interface and central administration.


We are a Czech company with its own capital, clear vision and demonstrable results.

The added value of our products and services is appreciated by customers from the Czech Republic as well as partners from more than ten countries.

We continually improve our know-how and consistently project it into meaningfulness of our products.

We respect highly individual attitude to our employees, who then pass the same in the same meaning to our customers.

Monitoring and management of the car fleet

easy control of the car fleet

Fuel economy

fuel station is important and valuable source for company running, therefore it´s necessary to have everything under proper control

Personnel attendance

for all my empoyees, I want the same rules, whether they are travelling, on their workplace or anywhere during their working hours

Access to buildings

for quick check-in and record keeping of cars at entrance to compound

Camera monitoring

I want to be sure of the important places and estate in any case

Custom solution

let´s keep up with the times and leave the door open

I´m interested in more information

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