proven technical design

with four-piston exact gauge and durable gear pump

built-in fueling control

unit with wireless communication and remote management via internet

possibility of measuring

of fuel level in fuel tanks without needs of any converters with on-line data transfer

highly energy-saving operation

thanks to modern conception of electronics

Comfortable way of evidence of fuel dispensing

GARDE solo

Fuel dispenser with GSM/WIFI data transfer and with remote management


wireless communication via WIFI, GSM

optional flow rate from 40 up to 120 l/sec

cameras for recording of traffic around the dispenser

receipt printer

perfectly readable displays

designed either for retail or for industrial use

mechanically durable design

Technical parameters

Type of issue

Max. flow rate

Power input



No. of users

Data transfer

Optional peripherals


retail /industrial

40 / 80 /120 l/sec

230 / 400 V

touch panel

125 kHz / 13.56MHZ


GSM / WiFi

fuel level meter, camera

ATC, Tank ID




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