Key benefits of solutions in the fields

freight transport and distribution of goods










The complex of powerful tools and functions offered by EVOSYS system will provide its users with a high level of comfort in fleet management and dispatch management, while also remembering the operators of refrigeration and other types of special transport. Meaningfully designed costing and service planning modules enhance the robustness and significant added value of the entire solution.

Vehicle data, tacho data

transfer and processing data from vehicle CAN bus

transfer and archiving of digital tachograph data VDO and STONERIDGE

comprehensive fuel management control

assessment of driving style by individual drivers, vehicles and modes

Transport management

managing orders with online vehicle connections

web and mobile user applications

communication vehicle - dispatcher - customer

interconnection with transport IS

data security and archiving, availability 24 hours a day

Vehicles and trailers management

assessment evidence of the vehicle operation costs

interactive planning of vehicle service and maintenance

on-line monitoring of refrigerating and special transport trailers

management of personnel agenda

Monitoring and management of the car fleet

easy control of the car fleet

Fuel economy

fuel station is important and valuable source for company running, therefore it´s necessary to have everything under proper control

Personnel attendance

for all my empoyees, I want the same rules, whether they are travelling, on their workplace or anywhere during their working hours

Access to buildings

for quick check-in and record keeping of cars at entrance to compound

Camera monitoring

I want to be sure of the important places and estate in any case

Custom solution

let´s keep up with the times and leave the door open

I´m interested in more information

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