Key benefits of solution in waste collection and road maintenance operations

The creators of the EVOSYS Monitoring System have been able to uniquely link data from vehicle GPS monitoring, fuel economy, and personnel agenda to waste collection specifics to the form of scheduling, container handling and waste container management, complemented by unattended camera recording of the collecting process. This creates a comprehensive set of data that helps users improve management and make their operations more efficient.

Operation of a car fleet

comprehensive fuel management, eliminating the human factor

removing downtime and reserves in vehicle performance

automatic creation of electronic reports with the possibility of editing using a vehicle terminal

Container management

detection of the dumping or removal of a specific container based on the identification tag

information on the current position of the container and the history of its movement

identifying the movement of containers based on a wireless technology, including preventing their theft

Logistics of collections

interaction of collection plan with driver´s navigation

on-line reporting of fulfilling and non-standard situations

video recording of the collection process with Wifi transfer to the central server

precise instructions to the driver on the route, taking account of exceptions

Monitoring and management of the car fleet

easy control of the car fleet

Fuel economy

fuel station is important and valuable source for company running, therefore it´s necessary to have everything under proper control

Personnel attendance

for all my empoyees, I want the same rules, whether they are travelling, on their workplace or anywhere during their working hours

Access to buildings

for quick check-in and record keeping of cars at entrance to compound

Camera monitoring

I want to be sure of the important places and estate in any case

Custom solution

let´s keep up with the times and leave the door open

I´m interested in more information

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