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Access to objects

Fast check-in of vehicles and mechanization associated with automated registration of passes through campus gates and other important points of interest.

  •  acceleration of vehicle check-in at campus entrances

  • automatic acquisition of a video recording of the passage

  • automatic connection of data to persons, vehicles and other registered objects

  • online data transfer via GSM/WIFI to central storage

  • web and mobile application for online data access

  • API interface for third-party applications

  • active technology with very low current consumption

  • the possibility of battery autonomous operation of reading gates without the need for the Internet

  • minimal requirements for the installation preparation of the access system

Monitoring and management of the vehicle fleet

easy fleet management

Farming PHM

gas station is an important and valuable resource for the company's operation, everything must be under proper control

Attendance of persons

I want the same rules for all my employees, whether they are on the road or in isolated workplaces and construction sites...

Camera surveillance

I want to have important places and values secured just in case

Custom solutions

we move with the times and keep our doors open

I am interested in more information

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