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Key benefits deployment solution

in waste collection operationsand maintenance of roads










The creators of the EVOSYS monitoring system were able   to link data fromGPS tracking of vehicles, fuel economy and personnel agendaswith the specifics of waste collection in the form of a planning system,container movement managementand waste containers supplemented by unattendedcamera recording of the collection process. This creates a comprehensive set of data that helps users improve management andmake your operation more efficient overall.

Car park operation

comprehensive management of PHM management eliminating the human factor

elimination of downtime and reserves in vehicle performance

automatic creation of electronic reports with the possibility of editing using the vehicle terminal

Management of containers and vessels

detection of the discharge or removal of a specific container based on identification tags

information about the current position of the container and the history of its movement

identification of the movement of containers based on active wireless technology, including prevention of their theft

Collection logistics

the interaction of the pickup plan with the navigation for the driver

online reporting on performance and non-standard states

video recording of the collection process with Wifi transmission to a central server

exact instructions to the driver on the route, taking into account exceptions

Monitoring and management of the vehicle fleet

easy fleet management

Farming PHM

the gas station is an important and valuable resource for the company's operation, everything must be under proper control

Attendance of persons

I want the same rules for all my employees, whether they are on the road or in isolated workplaces and construction sites...

Access to objects

for quick check-in and registration of equipment at the entrance to the premises

Camera surveillance

I want to have important places and values secured just in case

Custom solutions

we move with the times and keep our doors open

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