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Management of the economyfuel

Monitoring and management of the entire chain of dealing with PHM from the moment of purchase to mapping the effectiveness of its use, linkage with the GPS system in vehicles and mechanization.

  • records of the dispensing of PHM and operating fluids

  • intelligentfuel dispensers

  • accurate measurement of product level in storage tanks

  • TankID  system of controlled delivery to an authorized tank

  • multifunctional payment machine for purchasing PHM

  • measurement of refueling volume in the tanks of mechanization and vehicles

  • detection of the moment and place of tank opening

  • control of fuel consumption using the GPS system and data from CAN buses

  • web and mobile application for online data access

  • API interface for third-party applications

Monitoring and management of the vehicle fleet

easy fleet management

Attendance of persons

I want the same rules for all my employees, whether they are on the road or in isolated workplaces and construction sites...

Access to objects

for quick check-in and registration of equipment at the entrance to the premises

Camera surveillance

I want to have important places and values secured just in case

Custom solutions

we move with the times and keep our doors open

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